Animation tests; new paintings and drawings...

January 13, 2015

Over the past year (since the birth of my son), I’ve been experimenting with light, shadow and projection and creating some work which is all very much still in progress. I’ve been combining these investigations with a host of other processes to generate short contained video loops.The clips have a distinct handmade quality, and are recognizably influenced by my two dimensional work. The above test incorporates kinetic projection, traditional hand-drawn cells, paper cut-outs, as well as live-action video. I’ve also been developing and fabricating small, microcontroller driven projectors that are assembled from easily accessible materials and are inexpensive to make (nearly to the point of being disposable). The devices are essentially multi-slide projectors capable of producing very simple moving images that can be projected just about anywhere. This has all come out of a continuing fascination with night-lights and an ongoing reexamination of some simple narratives recalled from my childhood.

I also have a show of painting and drawing coming up at the Leyton Gallery (St. John’s) and some new work heading to Abbozzo (Toronto) in the spring. Check back soon for more updates and images.